BREATH & BODY: Pancakes to Palm Crosses — Tool 4

Wednesday 11-March to Sunday 15-March

You can use your CD or go to chapter 31 in the audiobook.

You will need to set aside 10 minutes daily for days 16-20 .

You may find it helpful to try and do this twice a day whenever you can.

Day Day Day Day Day
16 17 18 19 20

If the first tool is a body scan, working methodically through the body in sequence, then this fourth tool is a body browse! Instead of starting at a set place, after some breath work, we focus on our bodies as a whole. Inevitably, some part will call more for our attention that the rest. The invitation is simply to explore, with openness and curiosity.  What is this?  And then, if the sensations stop pulling for attention, we return the focus back to the body as a whole, sitting there, breathing, moment by moment. I am not able to find an online version of this resource. However, it is a good chance to begin practising without a supporting track if you haven’t been able to buy or borrow the book. I have put a simple recording of my own voice below, but the sound quality is not good. Maybe you can use it once to get the gist of things, and then run the exercise for yourself, without any external voices.

Use this track to familiarize yourself with the tool and then try to run the sitting for yourself, without any external voices.


  • What makes this tool different from the first one?
  • What have you learnt about your breath that you didn’t know before?
  • Have you noticed the tools slipping into your everyday life at all?

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