MINDFUL MOVEMENT: Pancakes to Palm Crosses — Tool 3

Friday 6-March to Tuesday 10-March

You can use your CD, or go to chapter 30 in the audiobook or try Youtube

You will need to set aside 10 minutes daily for days 11-15.

You may find it helpful to try and do this twice a day whenever you can.

Day Day Day Day Day
11 12 13 14 15

We are building on the first two phases now with some simple stretching exercises, such as picking fruit from a tree that’s just out of reach. The instructions urge you not only to focus on the physical sensations created by the movements, but also to notice how you are relating to these sensations. This is a chance for our minds to be learning from the wisdom of our bodies. Mindful Movement can have widely varying effects on different people. Some find it comforting; others find it sets off all kinds of anxieties. See if you can explore your reactions with full awareness.


  • What makes you self-conscious using this tool?
  • What things are you finding your mind doing when it wanders in the meditation?
  • What is it like to try tool 3 and then settle down again using tool 1?

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