Supporting St Wulstans

At St Wulstans we are a generous people. We celebrate that we can give our time, our care, and whatever else we have to share. Our giving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of us are able to offer time in volunteering, some are able to share the responsibilities of decision-making, many are able to give financial support, and all are able to pray and encourage and support one another. Our groceries giving has grown enormously, as we treat every service like a Harvest Festival, and this now goes directly into the community through our friendship with the Community Hub at Warndon Oasis. Our income has of course been affected by COVID but through your faithfulness, we are in good heart. Angela our treasurer is truly amazing. She quietly beavers away and is such a strong advocate for all that we hold dear at St Wulstans — hospitality, community, kindness. For some time, she has had wonderful support by Liz , who is the independent examiner of our accounts. I really cannot thank these two enough for all that they do. It’s good be in their wise hands! What they do makes it possible for us to be us! 

As we pray week by week in our services: 

Generous God, in whose hands five loaves and two fish fed everyone in the crowd who wanted to eat, pour out your blessing upon the gifts and groceries that we have been given to give away, so that many more may find their seat at the feasting table of your kingdom. Amen! 

If you would like to make a donation to support the work of our parish, you can do this directly to our CAF Cash Bank Account

St Wulstans PCC | 40-52-40 | 00023672

You can also find out about filling in a Gift Aid form by using the contact us page.

We are working towards becoming a part of the Parish Giving Scheme. You can read more about how that will work here. It is a nationally run project that makes giving more efficient for everyone. The PGS makes it possible for givers to give monthly, quarterly or annually. This is done simply through Direct Debit, with the option for the amount to be keep track with inflation each year. For a treasurer, it makes life so much easier as the system will automatically claim the Gift Aid. It also allows people to give securely and donate anonymously, if they prefer. Worcester Diocese believes that the PGS offers the most effective way for people to give regularly to their local church. Once we have formally registered with PGS this Spring, you can sign up to make your donation by one simple phone call, or by posting a printable form, or through the PGS website. We are going to be offering help with each of those three routes. In the meantime, you can read more about the whole process on the Diocesan website