Weekly Link | 31-7-22

Cary, along with Brian and Margaret, is leading this Sunday’s service. The theme is Jesus is Lord, from Colossians 1:15-23, with a reflection from Julie Berrow, Cary’s opposite number from St Barnabas. We will be singing some belting hymns Immortal, Invisible, Jesus is Lord, creation’s voice proclaims it, and Lord for the years, as well as one we learnt last Harvest, Let all creation sing.

We will also look together at some humbling video about the immensity of the universe. This particular video is a little too long for a Sunday morning service, at around 9 minutes, but it is truly worth a watch at home if you get the chance!

WOMEN’S EURO FINALS — 5pm on Sunday 31st July

Come and watch the football finals with us at St Wulstans on the big screen. Bring your own refreshments!

And don’t forget to download your Forty Days of Summer resources for week 2

The leaflet is for the service itself and has the linksheet info on it too.

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