Putting away the alleluia

Next Sunday is called the Sunday next before Lent. In other words, three days later, we will be marking Ash Wednesday and the start of the pilgrim road to Jerusalem, and Lent will be upon us!

You can find
our resources for Lent
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You can join us for Ash Wednesday services at St Barnabas at 10am and at St Wulstans at 7pm, where we share communion and receive ash crosses on our foreheads, hearing those solemn words: “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return. Turn away from sin, and be faithful to Christ.” They remind us that Lent is the decision of love that we make each year to share the road towards Jerusalem with the Lord Jesus. The drama of palm leaves, fragrant nard, silver coins, broken bread and wine outpoured regathers our attention. The Via Dolorosa is ready to be laid anew. Golgotha stands ready once again. The garden tomb is waiting afresh to be filled.

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