Resources for Sunday 10th January

10 January — Baptism of Christ readings

We are not meeting in person at the moment for Sunday worship. I am recording a midweek Eucharist each Wednesday at 1030 and you are welcome to join me if you are sure that you can do so safely.

ENCOURAGE: keep on phoning and messaging one another. Please highlight the resources on our phoneline 01905 935021 for those who don’t use the internet.

SHARE: I have received so important information that you can pass on to others about help for winter fuel costs.

LISTEN: Click this link for a 5 minute reflection from the first lockdown that holds a true today.

WATCH: Music and images for your intercessions this week. Click on the image below or use this link.

Maybe you would like to tell us in the comments below what resources you are making use of that others might like to hear about.

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  1. Sarah, thank you for the communion service from August . How lovely to re-visit this 1st communion service! It brought back memories of all that we’ve been through and the resources and arrangements you have put together for us as a church. The silent half hours, the garden communions, the thanks track to name just a few . I loved the choral arrangement of the Lord’s prayer ( obviously enjoyed it the first time but had forgotten it!). Also the innovative ways of doing the peace in social distanced ways! I have particularly enjoyed the recent ‘Abide’ series. With simple suggestions such as : allowing time for this time with God….taking 5 deep breaths and re-reading the Bible passage a second time. Why didn’t I think of that!!! As a church it’s been a difficult time since March, but you have helped carry us through these awful days. My prayer is that we will know better days to come and that we will become a stronger church despite this pandemic.

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