The Monthly Link for January 2021

Our area is in Tier 3 Very High Alert status. We agreed as a congregation that we will suspend public worship in our church building if we moved up a tier like this. Until the Government’s next review expected 13th January, we will only be opening for funerals, and for private reflection at the following times:

Sundays 1030 to 1130
Wednesdays 1030 to 1130

The rate of infection in the county has more than doubled in the last month. Being in Tier 3 means brings important changes in who and where we can meet. In Tier 3 we can meet no more than five others, and this can only be outdoors — and the January weather has been brutal so far. Garden church is not a viable option!

Under the guidance, places of worship are not required to close in any tier. The rules are clear though: “You can attend places of worship for a service. However, you must not mingle with anyone outside of your household or support bubble.” Part of gathering for worship though is about gathering for fellowship, and this just isn’t permitted as yet. We are a clinically extremely vulnerable group, and a judgement call about unnecessary risk is required from us. It might be that we reopen for public worship once the secondary schools go back on 18th January. However, but for this fortnight whilst infection rates are still rising, Lorna and Sarah feel that there is no such thing as being overcautious.

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