Can you find thirty UK chocolate bars in this post?

#stayhome advice from @TheRealEasterBunny

“Life’s no picnic at the moment at home with all the family in close quarters,” says Nick Erskine from York. I expect he speaks for us all at these challenging times. But it is Easter, and we all need some time out. There are thirty choccy treats hidden before your very eyes in this cryptic message. So let rip; please pass a pleasant half an hour looking for crème eggs and Terry’s chocolate oranges and the like. Some are exceptionally hard to spot but tons of others are quite simple, really. If you get stuck, don’t panic, just switch off, redouble your efforts, get out into the gazebo, untying your shoelaces and trying all over again.

“Let’s not fudge the importance of chocolate at times like this,” Elaine Cother, Ologist-in-Chief to the Confectioners Guild commented. “Do you realise that at this very moment, there are aeroplanes flying betwixt and between empty airports, as millions across the globe embrace #EasteratHome. After eight weeks or more of disruption, the time has come for @TheRealEasterBunny to act decisively,” Dr Cother explained.

Do you want the truth? Here’s the crunch. I envy those living on busier roads, in cul-de-sacs with friendly neighbours, or with balconies to sing and clap from, where the celebrations for carers have a family quality; streets where clapping for NHS heroes rings out from home after home. I would love to see more #candlesofhope in the windows, such beautiful symbolism. Art I especially would like to see round here is rainbows, those bright colours speaking of hope bubbling up, made by children chomping their way through every craft supply in the house. (Fruit, being so colourful, can be repurposed for this kind of project, kiwis particularly, but bananas and oranges too).

There are difficult questions to be asked at the moment. “The importance of chocolate seems to have doubled,” E.C. Kerslake asks via Twitter. “Is it enough to make your sugar intake go utterly curly wurly?”

We put this question to Blero Newhart, Head of Development at, who replied, “Go on, give it a twirl anyway!”

“This a wonderful offer,” Rero Chervez responded, in her capacity as Acting Ambassador to the Maltese.

RSVP with your answers, by all means. An even kinder surprise would be a bouquet of roses though.


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