Open letter from Bishop John

Today, the Bishop of Worcester has published this open letter and asked that it be shared widely.

In our recent letter to the clergy of the Diocese of Worcester, the Bishop of Dudley and I wrote that we think the time has come for the Church of England to celebrate and honour monogamous, faithful same-sex relationships. We added that we believe this to be consonant with the scriptural witness but did not set out our reasoning. We merely commended the Bishop of Oxford’s booklet, Living together in Love and Faith …. I feel I should summarise my own thinking on the subject and shall attempt to do so here. I also want to emphasize at the outset that I desire to live my life under the scriptures and believe that it is possible to do so whilst holding to the understanding to which I have come about same-sex relationships. Those things having been said, I shall endeavour to explain my current thinking.

[The full text of the letter can be downloaded using this link]

As a church family at St Wulstans, we are committed to inclusion in all its forms, and welcome the wise emphasis that the Bishop places on making generous and gracious space for those who hold opinions and have life experiences that are different from our own.

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