Abide with Me, Fast Falls the Eventide

Read Luke 23:44-56 (choose your own version using this link).

These days have brought many griefs upon us. There is new grief uncontainable shouting for our attention; or the kind of grief that we have learnt a little better how to endure; or the kind of grief that travels with us still only occasionally whispering in the secret places. We have a Good Friday God. One who has fully faced the enormity of death and loss. One who has fully embraced the violation and isolation. Death and illness are the things that brings the absence, but the Good Friday God’s presence quietly endures.

Allow yourself to grieve.
Are you able to find any stones to make a little tomb for your Easter Window?

Prayers For Holy Week

For the message about the cross
is foolishness to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved
it is the power of God.
For God’s foolishness
is wiser than human wisdom,
and God’s weakness
is stronger than human strength.

By your agony and trial;
by your cross and passion;
and by your precious death and burial,
good Lord, deliver us.

Blessed are you, Lord God of our salvation,
to you be glory and praise for ever.
As we behold your Son, enthroned on the cross,
stir up in us the fire of your love,
that we may be cleansed from all our sins,
and walk with you in newness of life
singing the praise of him who died
for us and our salvation.

By the nails through your hands and feet,
give comfort to the suffering.
By the crown of thorns upon your head,
give hope to the despairing.
By the spear that pierced your side,
give courage to the broken-hearted.
By your being scorned and rejected of men,
give love to the lonely.
By your time of desolation,
lift up all who are down.
By your death on the cross,
give us life which is eternal.
Hear us, Lord Christ!

Almighty God,
as we stand at the foot of the cross of your Son,
help us to see and know your love for us,
so that in humility, love and joy
we may place at his feet
all that we have and all that we are;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

In peace we will lie down and sleep;
for you alone, Lord, make us dwell in safety.

Abide with us, Lord Jesus,
for the night is at hand and the day is now past.

As the night watch looks for the morning,
so do we look for you, O Christ.


This came from Twitter — please let me know the author if you recognise it.