Weekly Link | 25-6-23

You can read all about activities at St Barnabas by clicking this link and here is the diary for the coming few weeks at St Wulstans in the Weekly Link sheet.

Last night’s Big Quiz Night
brought in around £150
which will be given to
St Paul’s Hostel

Could you have answered these questions?

  1. Malala Yousafzai became the youngest Nobel laureate in 2014 for her activism for female education. Which country is she from?
  2. What is unconventional about the way seahorses give birth?
  3. “AND NOW, FROM NORWICH, IT’S THE QUIZ OF THE WEEK” signalled the start of which 70s quiz show?
  4. What is the tallest and fastest growing species of grass?
  5. 118 E in the P T (as of 2023)
    What fact is hidden in this code?

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