Weekly Link | 11-6-23

THIS WEEKEND IT’S A Something Else Sunday!

All the churches in our cluster are committing increasing the frequency of lay-led services. We are sharing the name ‘Something Else Sunday’ across our three churches, borrowing it from St Nicholas who came up with it a little while ago for their non-communion services. This week at St Wulstans, Chris W is launching our summer series based on the adventures of Abraham, and Cary is following up on the Appreciating Richness group’s thoughts about the importance of welcome in the life of our church

Sarah is leading at St Barnabas, on St Barnabas Day, with a family baptism in the 10am communion service, and another at 2pm

This Sunday also sees the return of ABC Amen. This is the weekly list of prompts for people to pray for. This week, we begin at the beginning with the “A” List:

the amazing

the angry

the arrivers

the absent

the advisers

the awkward

the alone

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