Sundays in June and July

We wanted to give you an overview of the Sunday services in coming months.

a seven week journey through Genesis

In June and July we are going to explore the story of Abraham in our Sunday morning services.

Chris W
The Trouble with Pharoah
Abraham’s migration to Canaan (in 12:1-9), the story of Abraham’s initial call and travel to the Promised Land. Abraham’s deliverance from Egypt (in 12:10-20), the time when Abraham sojourned in Egypt and God delivered him.  
The Trouble with Lot
Abraham’s conflict with Lot (in 13:1-18), the story of struggle between Abraham’s men and Lot’s men. Abraham’s rescue of Lot (in 14:1-24), the time when Abraham went to war to rescue Lot from kings who had captured him.  
25-Jun SarahThe Trouble with Sarah part 1
Abraham’s covenant promises (in 15:1-21), the account of God’s covenant assuring Abraham that he would have many descendants and a permanent homeland. Abraham’s failure with Hagar (in 16:1-16), the time when Abraham had a child, Ishmael, with Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar.
The Trouble with Ishmael
Abraham’s covenant requirements (in 17:1-27), the account of God’s covenant that reminded Abraham of the necessity of loyalty to the commands of God.  
The Trouble with Angels
Sodom and Gomorrah (in 18:1–19:38), the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot’s rescue from that destruction.  
The Trouble with Sarah part 2
Abraham’s sons Isaac and Ishmael (in 21:1-21), the story of Isaac’s birth and the expulsion of Ishmael from Abraham’s family.  
The Trouble with Isaac
Abraham’s test (in 22:1-24), the well-known episode in which God called Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Is legacy possible against the odds  

We end our summer term with another cluster service together on

SUNDAY 30-JULY at 10.30
in St Wulstans, when as a cluster we welcome Archdeacon Nikki as the guest speaker, reflecting on Psalm 63, as we launch our ‘Summer with the Psalms’ season for the .long summer holidays

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