Silent Night Event

We are running morning prayer at 10am and evening prayer at 4pm daily, Monday 19th December to Friday 23rd December. You can see the prayers we will be using here:

On Tuesday 20th December, Ethan will be helping us offer a different kind of event for Christmas this year.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the season, we all need a breathing space, and for some, this is even more important if Christmas is especially challenging, because of loss or illness or any other kind of anxiety. After the said evening prayers, Ethan will create a warm, safe space for reflection. There will be some activities out, including our canvas labyrinth to walk, but more than anything, there will be stillness and silence.

Church will be open from 4pm until 7pm
4pm Evening Prayer
4.30pm Time and space for silence and contemplation for any who want something different
6.30pm Night Prayer

Folk are welcome to come and go as they need to — as long we can keep the space calm and quiet!


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