Weekly Link | 11-12-22

11 December — Sunday
Sarah is at St Barnabas today
11.15 Together for Advent
12.45 Baby Henry’s Baptism
6pm Brass Band at St Barnabas

12 December — Monday
10am Post-a-Prayer Club
12.15 Cluster Ministers

13 December — Tuesday
10.30 Regency High School Christmas assemblies in St Wulstans
12.15 Meeting in Bishop Perowne’s
1.30 and 5pm St Barnabas School Services at St Barnabas
7pm Pastoral meeting in church

14 December — Wednesday
9.30 Mainly Music (end of term)
10am St Barnabas Communion (Sarah)
12pm Midweek Communion
reflecting on Jesus as the “Power of God”

15 December — Thursday
11.30 Funeral for Jean Martin (crem)

16 December — Friday

Lunch is offered on Fri 16th Dec from 12pm
for anyone free to come along and give everything a good cobweb, mop, vac and all the rest and then to begin putting decorations up. Help make church look lovely for Christmas in time for Sunday 18th December. Please RSVP to Sarah if you are able to come along and lend a hand. She’s making soup and homemade bread, you know!

7pm Carol Singing on The Green
at St Barnabas in aid of Maggs,
with mulled wine & mince pies

17 December — Saturday
10am Open Door Café

18 December — Sunday
Sarah is at St Barnabas today before
11.15 Celebrating the Christmas Story
a special communion where we read through the entire Christmas story step by step as a congregation

Advance notice
Bert’s funeral will be at 1pm in Worcester
Crematorium on Thursday 22nd December

You can read all about activities at St Barnabas by clicking this link.

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