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Christ the King as a festival in the Church of England has only been around since 2000 and the coming of the Common Worship books. Before then, many of us knew the last Sunday of the church’s year as Stir-Up Sunday, the day to make your Christmas puddings! The outline for Sunday’s 11.15am Communion service can be downloaded here:

I love this contemporary artwork. It is a Pantocrator icon – a depiction of Christ in all his glory. It is trying to symbolise Christ’s power. As with all icons, it is painted as an act of worship, in order to draw worship from those who linger with it. Nicholas Papas, the artist, puts us and himself face to face with “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:6 NIV). It gives a profound sense of being overshadowed by a deeper reality of the person and work of Christ. and there is also an intriguing sense of being caught up into this painting.

what’s on this week

20 Nov — Sunday
10am Sarah at Christ Church first
11.15 Together for Communion
Sarah and Eve lead us in our reflection for Stir-Up Sunday — the feast of Christ the King

Mondays to Fridays: 2pm Sunflowers After School Club

21 November — Monday
10am Post-a-Prayer Club meets
12pm Friendship Group meets
1pm Crematorium Funeral
7pm Deanery Synod at St Stephens

22 November — Tuesday
10am Sarah at St Barnabas School
6.30 PCC Training with supper

23 November — Wednesday
9.30 Mainly Music
12pm Midweek Communion
5pm Pastoral Surgery appointments

25 November — Friday
10am Miriam Room in use
1.15 Mary White’s funeral at St Barnabas and at the Cemetery
7pm England v USA
World Cup match on the big screen for a family friendly evening

26 November — Saturday
Sarah in Redditch today for the final CYD Hub event with Helen Laird
10am Open Door Café at St Wulstans

27 Nov — Sunday
11.15 Together for Advent
Sarah leads us in our first communion service of the new church year, as the countdown to Bethlehem starts

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