Weekly Link | 29-5-22

We have an exciting service planned for 11.15am today. We are celebrating the Ascension, but with a Christmas twist, and calling it Happy Samtsirhc, because, as Father Christmas in person (yes, really) will explain:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for six Sundays we have been celebrating with joyful hearts the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, his bursting from the tomb. At Christmas he came down to earth from heaven. Today we make the reverse journey with him. We travel with him to heaven from earth. At Christmas time we celebrate that day when Jesus become the Word made flesh amongst. Today we are commemorating the Ascension, that fortieth day after Easter, when our restored human nature was carried up to the very throne of God the Father.

We are going to sing some Christmas carols, play pass the parcel, and also spend time reflecting on why mountains are special places in the Bible as we hear again the story of how Jesus made his final farewells. And Eve has made us something to help us pray for those we care about in the coming week.

Here is the calendar

29-May — Sunday

11.15am Happy Samtsirhc! A joyful celebration of communion for Ascension Sunday

6pm Hymns and Pimms — a Jubilee celebration at St Nicholas church

30-May — Monday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

31-May — Tuesday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

1-June — Wednesday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

10am Midweek Communion at St Barnabas followed by a Jubilee Coffee Morning

2-June — Thursday

Closed for the bank holiday

3-June — Friday

Closed for the bank holiday

4-June — Saturday

11.30 – 4.30pm Birthday party booking

5-June — Sunday

11.15am Together for Pentecost — please come along wearing something red!

12.45pm Family baptism

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