Weekly Link | 22-5-22

Cary and Phil will lead and preach this coming Sunday, as we draw to the close of our Dangerous Rumour theme for Easter. Phil will be reflecting on Paul’s journey to Damascus. We don’t see and hear the risen Christ like Paul did, and he hadn’t known the living Jesus like the apostles did, but we are all witnesses of the resurrection in our own unique ways.

Songs on Sunday include Jesus the Name High Over All, Blessed Assurance and One More Step. We will also be using this Gospel version of the Leonard Cohen classic, Hallelujah.

Here is the calendar for the next two weeks

22-May — Sunday

11.15am Together for Communion

23-May — Monday

10am Post-a-Prayer Club

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

24-May — Tuesday

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

25-May — Wednesday

12.00pm Midweek Communion

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

26-May — Thursday

9.15am Mainly Music

12pm Sarah and Diane are meeting with Nikki Groarke and Bishop Martin about next steps for the cluster

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

7.30pm Ascension Day Celebration at St Martins London Road

10am Sarah is at St Barnabas service

29-May — Sunday

11.15am Happy Samtsirhc! A joyful celebration of communion for Ascension Sunday

6pm Hymns and Pimms — a Jubilee celebration at St Nicholas church

30-May — Monday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

31-May — Tuesday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

1-June — Wednesday

Half-term holiday club on site all day

10am Midweek Communion at St Barnabas, followed by a Jubilee Coffee Morning

2-June — Thursday

Closed for the bank holiday

3-June — Friday

Closed for the bank holiday

4-June — Saturday

All morning: TEABAG volunteers working on the gardens project

11.30 – 2.30pm Birthday party booking

All afternoon: Sarah meeting wedding couples at St Barnabas

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