Weekly Link | 8-5-22

This weekend’s service is based on the theme of travelling. We are singing One More Step Along the Road, Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer, and We Are Marching In the Light of God, amongst others. You can download the Weekly Link and the service booklet below.

Here is the calendar for the week ahead

May 2022

8-May — Sunday

11.15am Together for Communion

9-May — Monday

10am Post-a-Prayer Club

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

10-May — Tuesday

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

11-May — Wednesday

9.30am Craft Club in the small hall

12.00pm Midweek Communion

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

12-May — Thursday

9.15am Mainly Music

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

7pm Wedding rehearsal at St Barnabas

13-May — Friday

2.30pm to 6pm Sunflowers

3.30pm Sarah is meeting the RE co-ordinator at Warndon Oasis school

14-May — Saturday

1pm Sarah is taking the wedding of Dan and Lottie at St Barnabas

15-May — Sunday

11.15am Together for Communion

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  1. Another annointed reflection from Sarah on Sunday. Praise Jesus and His Holy Spirit!

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