Remembering Barbara

Click on the image below of Barbara at church to see the photo selection that the family put together for her funeral a couple of weeks ago. Hilary has given permission for it be posted here so that the whole church family can pause and commemorate, as we would have done in-person in more normal times.

At her funeral we shared these words together.

If I asked you to describe Barbara in a word – what might you choose? Barbara was affectionate, able to show great kindness and generosity. Barbara was honest, knowing how she liked things, and, as I discovered even the short time I knew her, that she would tell you what she didn’t like too. Barbara was a woman of elegance — and many, many pairs of shoes! Barbara was capable, an organiser, a caregiver, a joy-bringer. Barbara was strong, with a deep capacity to endure the ups and downs of a long and fruitful life. Barbara was a woman to whom three things mattered most: faith, friends and family.

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