ABIDE resources for 6-7 December

Allow yourself time for this moment with God

Make it special. Will you make a cup of tea? Do you want to sit in a special place? Will you light a candle? Take five deep breaths. Check-in with how you are feeling – in body, in mind, in spirit. Take five more deep breaths and ask God to abide with you in this moment.

Browse through this booklet

You’ve been journeying with these notes for a month now.

You have read, thought, prayed, noted and imagined many things.

Reread this book and any notes you have made.

What stands out for you looking back?

Identify the highs and lows of the last month

This lovely symbol means “God is greater than the highs and the lows” (as we saw last time with Romans 8:28).

Make a (mental) note the things that you have experienced over the last few weeks in your family, in your health, for the nation, for the community, in the wider news. It probably looks like a graph, showing the ups and downs of ordinary life in the midst of extraordinary times.

Quietly name the peaks and troughs one by one to yourself and after each one add the words “God you are greater than the highs and the lows.”

Do one day that has meant the most to you all over again

Take some time to read that day’s Bible passage again, and try the reflection activity once more.

Enjoy a chat with God

Talk with God, taking time to think about what you want to say to him (and maybe to others) in terms PLEASE, THANK YOU and SORRY. Celebrate completing this month’s journey by savouring the Lord’s Prayer once more.

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