Tuesday in Holy Week (part 1)

You Sadducees Are All Wrong

Matthew 22:23-33
Mark 12:18-27
Luke 20:27-40

The Sadducees did not believe that people would rise to life after death. So that same day some of the Sadducees came to Jesus. “Teacher, Moses wrote that if a married man dies and has no children, his brother should marry the widow. Their first son would then be thought of as the son of the dead brother. There were once seven brothers. The first one married, but died without having any children. The second one married his brothers widow, and he also died without having any children. The same thing happened to the third one. Finally, all seven brothers married that woman and died without having any children. When God raises people from death, whose wife will this woman be? After all, she had been married to all seven brothers.”

Jesus answered, “You are completely wrong! You don’t know what the Scriptures teach. And you don’t know anything about the power of God. The people in this world get married, but in the future world no one who is worthy to rise from death will either marry or die. They will be like the angels and will be God’s children, because they have been raised to life. You surely know about people being raised to life? In the story about the burning bush, Moses clearly shows that people will live again. God was speaking to you when he said, ‘I am the God worshipped by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.’ He isn’t the God of the dead, but of the living. This means that everyone is alive as far as God is concerned. You Sadducees are all wrong.”

Some of the teachers of the Law of Moses said, “Teacher, you have given a good answer!” The crowds were surprised to hear what Jesus was teaching. They were scared to ask Jesus any questions.

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