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News from All Saints Worcester

Church has never been just a building or an event. It’s a family we belong to. A community of people committed to practicing the way of Jesus together. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced us to find new and creative ways of being the church, whether gathered or scattered. We may not be able to be here or there, but in other ways we can be everywhere. All Saints Everywhere is our response to this challenge and opportunity. We recognise there is a lot of fear and anxiety at the moment, but already so much good emerging. As a church we seek to be a people of faith, hope and love. We are committed to serving people well in these extraordinary times. We are innovating, creating and implementing things as we go, but we will be adding detail here of how we’re seeking to be everywhere and therefore where we need to be.

Live-streaming a Sunday worship gathering – 10.30am on Sundays, for approximately 30-40 minutes [link to our youtube channel]

Live-streaming Morning Prayer and Night Prayer – every morning except Sundays at 11am and every night at 10pm [link to our youtube channel]

News from Worcester Cathedral

The Cathedral is still open everyday 9am – 5pm until further notice. From Sunday 22nd March onwards they will be live streaming the 8:30am service on their Facebook and website everyday. If you miss it you’ll still be able to watch at any point during the day.

Following the Church of England’s decision to suspend all public worship until further notice, there will be no public services in Worcester Cathedral from Wednesday 18 March. However the Dean and Chapter will maintain the age-old round of morning and evening prayer, but at times when the Cathedral is closed to the public. We will also be making video-recordings of worship from Worcester Cathedral available on Facebook and the Cathedral website. The Cathedral will open to the public at 9 every morning and closed at 5 every evening. Between those hours, the Cathedral will continue to fulfil its ancient function of providing peace and sanctuary for all who come here. Resources for prayer will be available to visitors, with opportunities to light candles. At the same time, the Chapter will be mindful of the large number of worshippers and volunteers who will not be able to make the journey to the Cathedral for a while.  We will be encouraging people to stay in touch with friends and neighbours by phone and email. There is more than one way of being a Christian community, and like other cathedrals and churches across the country we shall be learning how to be a more dispersed, but still lively and loving, community.

News from the national church

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