BODY AND BREATH: Pancakes to Palm Crosses — Tool 1

Tuesday 25-February to Saturday 29-February

You can use your CD, or go to chapter 28 in the audiobook or try Youtube

              TOOL 1 — BODY AND BREATH

You will need to set aside 8 minutes daily for days 1-5.

Day Day Day Day Day
1 2 3 4 5

As the opening words say, “This is a short meditation designed to settle and ground yourself in the present moment.” I think of this as the primer, the first steps. It introduces all the basic ideas of paying attention, breath and wandering minds. Inevitably, our minds narrate what’s going on, or they get into loops of planning, remembering or simply day-dreaming. It’s ok. It’s what minds do. The aim of mindfulness is not to have an empty or still mind. Minds just aren’t built that way. Instead, mindfulness is about becoming more aware of what our minds are doing. It’s about waking up from autopilot.


  • Where does your mind go when it wanders in the meditation?
  • Do you feel different before, during and after the 8 minutes?
  • Have you noticed if any of these changed over the five days?

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