Spring at St Wulstan’s

Lent Is 36 days away, which means that Holy Week is just 75 days away. This makes it a great time to begin sharing the diary as it is shaping up. There will be more details as the time draw closer of course!

Shrove Tuesday sees the launch of Forty Days of Mindfulness. This framework takes us through Lent from Pancakes to Palm Crosses. Each Tuesday we will gather at 7pm to try out the resources from FINDING PEACE IN A FRANTIC WORLD. This is available as a book, an e-book and as an audiobook if you want to have your own copy. There will be links to these on our website saintwulstans.online and other free resources too. There are eight tools that we will try out gradually over the forty days. The framework is supported by weekly gatherings, a resource book and the website. We begin the adventure with pancakes at  7pm on Tuesday 25-February.

We have communion with ashes at 10.30am and 7pm on Ash Wednesday 26-February. Wednesday morning communion for the rest of Lent will follow a Making Space for Sabbath theme. We will use our Wednesdays in Lent to linger in the richness of Sabbath in all its dimensions. A large pot had been in the possession of a family for more time than they could remember. When a TV Road Show was in the area doing valuations, one of the children persuaded the parents – just for a bit of fun – to take the pot along. It proved to be a very rare vase, worth a small fortune. The idea of Sabbath is rather like that, as we do not realise what a treasure it is!

Holy Week and Easter itself has its usual richness, with some new ideas to help us make the most of Worcester’s Passion Play in the streets of the city centre. Most churches (even the Cathedral itself) are amending their Good Friday programmes for this exciting development that is with us for the next ten years. At our 5-April Palm Sunday service we will share St Matthew’s account of the Passion read in parts. There are daily acts of worship throughout the week. On Maundy Thursday 9-April we will gather in the evening to sit alongside the disciples in the upper room and the garden of tears, sharing communion together. We will start Good Friday 10-April with a Pilgrim Breakfast with friends from the Cluster joining us so that we can set off together for 11am into the city centre as pilgrims to the Passion Play (not necessarily on foot though!). At 4.30pm we will gather as the dusk lingers around us for a Tenebrae service, marking the burial of Jesus, and the start of the Passover Sabbath the disciples kept.

On Easter Eve 11-April there will be a 6.30pm Watching and Waiting vigil service. Easter Sunday 12-April begins on the lawns at the front of the church with our 6am First Light Dawn Service, continuing with the 10am Together for Easter Sunday family-friendly hellosunday service, and finishing quietly and reflectively with the 6.30pm Emmaus Communion.

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